Stinky Wizzleteat to support Blacklisters

This Halloween party is turning out to be a right wrong’un. Today we announce the latest addition to the bill following Blacklisters, local sludge heroes Stinky Wizzleteat.

An old It’s Just Noise favourite, Stinky Wizzleteat squirmed into the daylight red-eyed and screeching at some point in 2006. It was then that they reluctantly embarked on their low-tempo devastation of the widely-held preconceptions of what it is to be Stoner, and what it is to be Metal. Guitarist Neil swiftly set about rummaging for riffs in septic tanks and marrying them with the whizzed-up crashing of John’s hyper-octopus drumming. The resulting sludge-toxin was irresponsibly let loose on the general public.

The band quickly picked up a fierce live reputation, leaving a trail of blood, sweat and broken amplifiers behind them, most notably supporting the likes of Torche, Part Chimp and Eyehategod, as well as crushing a much-coveted Supersonic Festival slot.

Stinky Wizzleteat join Blacklisters for the IJN/BP Halloween party, Wednesday 31st October 2012 at The Flapper. Tickets available here.