We’re teaming up with Birmingham Promoters to bring you one seriously gruesome Halloween party this year, featuring none other than everyone’s favourite filthy noise-rock animals, Blacklisters!

From the outset, Blacklisters debut album, ‘BLKLSTRS’, is an unrelenting noise rock tour de force. Billy Mason-Wood’s skewed and often terrifying vocals with Dante Beesley’s sharp, distinctive guitar command your undivided attention. Whilst underneath, Owen Griffiths’ marauding bass lines and Alistair Stobbart’s unrelenting drumming drive the songs with genuine menace. Taking cues from Leeds favourites Pulled Apart By Horses and label mates Kong, Blacklisters have drawn comparisons to 400 Blows, Shellac and early Glassjaw. With Dan Carter (BBC Radio1 Rock Show) likening them to noise rock giants The Jesus Lizard, Blacklisters first ferocious and uncompromising full length pulls no punches.

“BLKLSTRS is about as balls-out as you could hope for – a slavering bulge-eyed noise-rock monstrosity wherein everything sounds like it’s being clubbed to death with a two-by-four” – 8/10, Rock Sound

Blacklisters play the It’s Just Noise & Birmingham Promoters Halloween Party at The Flapper on Wed 31st October. Tickets available here.

Check out the disgustingly awesome video for ‘Trickf**k’: