Them Wolves debut EP to be IJN’s first release

Them WolvesSo, the very first release on our new label will be Them Wolves debut EP ‘German for Duke’. People have said a lot of words we like about it so far, such as “disturbing”, “horny”, “brain-frazzling”, “filthy-evil”, “erection”, and who on earth doesn’t like the sound of that…

Released on 24th June 2013, the EP will be available on limited edition screen printed CD (which you can pre-order here) and digital download. It contains five tracks of ugly, lurching riffage titled thusly:

1. The Wild Girl of Champagne
2. Folding a Napkin on Terminal Island
3. Let’s You and Him Fight
4. You’re More Like a Young Mary Bell
5. Wolf Song

Reference points include early 80s sludge and willfully abrasive noise rock (a la The Jesus Lizard & Pissed Jeans). Spotted performing with the likes of F**ked Up, Trash Talk, Dope Body, Blacklisters & Bats before even officially releasing any music, and described as ‘Not just band, more a weapon of mass destruction’ by The Hearing Aid – expect relentlessly pummelling rhythms, caustic feedback-drenched guitar and alpha-male inadequacy.

There are some moving pictures to mark this momentous occasion, see below to put them in your eyes. Them Wolves also play the Sunflower Lounge Birmingham on Saturday 29th June with other IJN favourites God Damn and exciting newcomers New Alaska (more info & tickets here). Check back tomorrow for more Them Wolves-related news, ooh.